March Reads

Today I am bringing you March reads.  I also have plans for some major blogging coming up as well.

50 Ways to Yay
What is not to love about this book.  I love doing self-help books or books that make me learn and grow as  a person.  50 Ways to Yay! did just that.  I sat down with this book and learned so much about myself and the things I need to work on that I am ready to put a plan in to action and better myself for the good. Whether that means weeding somethings out or to continue some positive things I do.  There were 50 things that I set out to accomplish and with each day I can truly say I grew as a person.

We Stood Upon Stars
Do you ever find a book that you just pick up to see what it’s about and then as you read it feel your whole life change?  That is what We Stood Upon Stars did.  I honestly had to pick a book and this was the one that appealed to me the most.  After starting to read it, I couldn’t out it down. I truly enjoyed it, cover to cover.  The book is written by a dad who takes his kids traveling or adventures that he has taken throughout his life.  These adventures he took not only were fun and adventurous for him but he learned life lessons along the way.  I was just talking with Matt the other day saying, I wish we had more money so we could travel with our kids more and let them explore and see other cities.  We decided that we could still do that just on a smaller scale.  We plan to start taking adventure and camping and see different parts of the world even if they are still in our home state.  The learning and love come from the adventure you take, being with friends or family, and just enjoying what God created for us.  This book was by far one of the best reads I have had in a long time.
**“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”


  • Winter Storms
  • Accidentally Engaged
  • Snow Country – you can see a full review here
  • What we Find
  • Open your Bible – Bible study
  • Magnolia Journal – spring edition

What did you read this month? Any book recommendations?


January Reads

Hello ….

I am so excited to bring you the books I read this past month.  Things are starting to get back in a natural flow around the house so I am having set reading times while little man is sleeping.  I found a new series of books that I absolutely love, and if you are a Disney fan I think you will enjoy them as well!

God Made You Nose to Toes

This book was so cute.  I love getting new children’s books from Booklook Blogger, especially now that Trevor is little and just not enjoying when we read to him.  I love the way this book is laid out.  Each is a two page spread with a rhyme about a body part and what it is used for.  “God made many sounds that he wants you to hear, so on each side of your head he planted an ear.”  They are super cute and fun and easy to read as well.  I would definitely recommend this book. It is adorable.

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

After the Cheering Stops

This book was definitely a good read.  When you watch professional sports on the TV, their lives seem super easy.  We think they get paid big bucks to play a game and their life is super easy and rich.  This book gives you a totally different perspective of how the game is not always fun and games and as easy as we think.  They have hard times just as we do and things aren’t always a 10 on their end either.  Cyndy Feasel went through a lot in her time married to Grant Feasel and had to endure a lot of pain, however, she stood by his side and really worked at her life in general.  It was a nice break to see how things aren’t always what they seem and how even though they are professional athletes they go through trials and tribulations just as we do.

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Oh be still my heart.  What a lovely, heart-felt story that any and every one needs to read.  We always have a set plan, ways we want to do things, and then WHOOSH it doesn’t happen as planned.  As Kelle learned when she went to give birth to her second child that wound up having Down Syndrome.  This book and story is such a great one.  It shows you how you can learn and grow from everything you are given.  It shows that it is ok to be mad and upset and then get over yourself.  It shows how to love no matter what and how kids can really teach us the important things in life.  I highly recommend this book!!


Yes, it took me this long to finally finish the series and I can say that I was a little disappointed.  I thought this book started out very slow and although it picked up towards the end I was disappointed with the final book in general.

…. ok so this new series is one I found that I love.  I read both of these books in a day and have been hooked on them.  There are only 3 to the series right now but they are all well written.  The stories are about Disney villains and how they became the way they are in their respected movies/stories. I won’t go into detail of the stories because I am sure that you all know the general story of each of these characters.  I have read the Beast and Ursula’s story.  I still have Maleficent and will be reading it hopefully this month!

The Beast Within
Poor Unfortunate Soul
Fairest of All

Alright … that was it for the month. What did you read this month? Any good recommendations?


August Reads

Today I am bringing you my August Reads.  I have to say this month was rather slow with reading.  We were all over the place trying to get Trevor on a schedule and preparing the girls for back to school.  Needless to say, I haven’t had much down time to read but I did get 3 books in this month :).

  • Present over Perfect
    I love, love, loved everything about this book.  I am definitely a huge fan of Shauna Niequest and her writing.  I own every single one of her books and true to order I couldn’t put this one down.  I love how she can take her life situations and make you feel welcome and invited to whatever is going on in your life.   These situations are not always fun or what we expect but we learn and grow from each of those situations. She takes her raw life and shows us that even her, a famous writer, has hard times.  She isn’t always 100% on board or gung-ho about what is going on in her life.  She like everyone else needs to take breaks and refocus on what is truly important in this life. She takes time when she needs it and focuses on her writing as she sees fit.  It is nice to see that we aren’t alone in this world and that priorities can slip from anyone in this world whatever you do, famous or not.

    **Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Uninvited
    hmmm what can I say about this book.  I also love Lysa’s writing.  I love how she can captivate an audience with a few line starting her book out.  I love how down to Earth she seems and how she isn’t afraid to share what she has been through.  We have all had those moments where we haven’t been invited to something, been turned down for a job, been told no, etc. Those are all moments we have felt unwanted, unneeded, unappreciated, however, even in those moments God still needs us.  We are still a part of his plan and have a mission set in front of us.  Lysa turns her negatives into positives throughout this whole book.  She shows you how you can make the most of all those bad or negative situations in which we sometimes get put in.  She shows how to stay positive and not get down or turn away from those NOs. I now have a new outlook on how I will take those rejections, go with the flow, learn, and grow for next time.

    **Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • First Comes Love
    ok so I love Emily Giffin and her writing.  I seriously can read her books from start to finish in one day if given enough alone time.  I love how she can draw me in right from the beginning.  I always feel like I am one of her characters or a part of this book and I am sitting at the table or in the store shopping with them side by side.  This book left me a little short and disappointed though.  I always love her writing and her books and this one was no different, however, I hated the ending.  I don’t want to spoil the ending for those of you who have not read the book but I wanted so much more.  I wanted to know more about the way things wound up with each sister.  The book is about a family who loses a son in a car accident, then his sisters who are complete opposites grow up and have to learn to cope and deal with things head on.  It has a great message on how love should always come first and how everything all boils down to love!  It was a great book I just wanted more.


The Giver

Have you read The Giver by Lois Lowry?  I know, I know you probably think I am crazy for asking since it is a common book read while you are in school, however, this book is one that I never had to read and I have been wanting to read some of the classics I skipped in school.

To tell you how off I was, we went to the bookstore and I searched the whole place for the book and couldn’t find it.  I then went to the service desk and she simply said oh yeah its back here in the kid section … the kid section DUH Melissa.  It was in the young adult reader section and it didn’t even cross my mind to check there.



I was totally caught off guard not really expecting to think so much while reading this book, but that is exactly what it did.  It made me start to think and appreciate everything that we are given.

SPOILER ALERT if you have not read the book stop reading, I don’t want to ruin anything for you:

Can you imagine living in a world where we can’t see color, feel emotions, only have 2 children, etc.  This book definitely made me stop and think about how grateful I am that we live in a society where I am able to choose what color clothes I want to wear, to be able to even see colors, to decide who I want to marry, to have kids and be able to keep them if I were to have twins (well I did and had two girls and can’t imagine having to give one of them to release).

Why are we so quick to be ungrateful for the things we are given in this life?  I know that I am not perfect, I complain, I take things for granted but I cannot even fathom living in a world like this book.  The characters in the book might as well be robots as they have no access to any of the “wonderful” things that God has created in this world.  Then on top of all that imagine having one person in the whole community that can see everything, every color, every emotion, every feeling, the past, the present, the future, etc. How could you live like that knowing you are the only one who can see and feel those things and you can’t share them with anyone else in the world?

It’s pretty crazy to try to figure out to me and I am so thankful that I don’t have to live like that.  That I can see the gorgeous blue sky, the orange/red sunsets, the white snow and the bitter cold that comes with it.  Imagine what the world would be like without those wonderful things … yeah I don’t want to either?

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Could you live in a world like this?


Four Favorites

This week, I feel like I have done nothing but spend the girls money.  We have been to the store a few times and the girls have had their birthday money and have been buying all sorts of things with it.



Vet Puppy – Kendall saw this and fell in love with him.  He whines like he is in pain.  Comes with a cast, a cone, and a stethoscope and when you put the stethoscope on his heart you can hear his heartbeat.

Reading – We have been practicing reading with the girls to prepare them for next year.  We have a lot of work to do but we are getting there.

LeapBand – If your kids don’t have a LeapBand, I would highly recommend them.  Brooke got hers yesterday and has not taken it off except for bed.  If you don’t know what they are it is a fitness tracker for kids. (A full review will be on the blog shortly).

Puppy/Kitty Surprise – OH to be young again.  I remember having one of these as a kid and now they are making their way back around.  Kendall got a puppy surprise for her birthday so Brooke had to go get kitty surprise.  The girls were super excited about these presents and have carried them around everywhere.


Parenting Tuesday – Summer

The girls school year is finally coming to an end.  Okay well actually, I can’t believe that the year is already over.  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were preparing them for Kindergarten and having fights to get them on the bus.  Well 3 more days of school and summer is officially here!!!

I have recently been thinking about how I am going to continue to teach them and get them prepared for 1st grade …. UMMM did I just say 1st grade :(!

As we were walking through the bookstore today, we discovered a reading program, where if the girls read 8 books this summer they get to pick a free book.  The girls are just now starting to read so it was a way to keep them engaged and eager to read.  We also got them some activity books to prepare them for going into 1st grade.

IMG_0232 IMG_0234

I can’t wait to see how well they do over the summer and to see how far they come with their reading!

What ideas do you have for summer learning?  Any recommendations?


January Favorites

Time to link up again for  January Favorites.  It always seems to creep up on me and I never am prepared, however, this month was rather easy to come up with my 5 favorites.

  1.  DIY Projects – I have this new thing for DIY projects and have even started a new DIY section on my blog.  I have had so much fun finding projects that I would like to do and then recreating them.
  2. Friends – Not in a literal way, however, I have recently started watching the seasons of Friends.  I use to watch with my parents when I was younger but don’t really remember much of what I watched so I decided I wanted to start watching it again.  I love it.
  3. ONE TREE HILL – Yes I am obsessed, I have been since the show started.  I watched every episode while it was on TV and was so bummed when they stopped :(.  I love One Tree Hill and can relate to each of the characters in some way or another. It was something Matt and I always watched together and since it has stopped we have watched all the seasons once and have currently started watching it again.
  4. Reading – When I was younger, I didn’t like to read all that much, however, I did when I felt like it.  Now that I am older I have really started to like reading.  I have already read 6 books since the week of Christmas.
  5. To Do List – I am such an organized person and my to-do list are what keep me so organized. I have one if not more every day.  I am currently in search of a new planner that has dates as well as a t0-do list in the actual planner.  I use Erin Condren and love her planners but I find it is not enough space to write everything down.  If you have any recommendations leave them in the comments please!!

What are your Favorites from the past month?