Favorite Signs

Today I would like to share some of my new favorite signs.  Matt thinks I am crazy because it seems like every time we or I go out shopping I come home with a new sign.  I believe we have officially run out of space on our walls to hang anything else.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I got this sign for Christmas and love it.  Each arrow is also a different color.

If you have been around my page for any amount of time you know that Matt and I love softball.  We have both played from a young age and love the game. We took a trip to Columbus to visit the zoo and my cousin, between the two we stopped at Target and found this gem.  It is a picture in the background and the stitches and handles  have nails and yarn adding dimension to the picture too.

I have a lot of saying that I love to live by.  Be Brave is becoming one of those phrases that seem to stand out and I feel I continue to tell my girls. I want them to know that no matter what happens in this world they need to be brave.  They need to stand tall and not be afraid to try.

My parents also got me this sign for Christmas and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened it.  Our kids are only little for so long (my girls will be 8 in May and Trevor will be 1 in June).  I want to hold them tight and tuck them in for as long as they let me.

What are some of your favorites signs or sayings you have displayed in your home.


Faith Fuel Box Review

Today I am bringing you the Faith Fuel Box Review

I love a good subscription box.  I think I have literally tried almost all of them out there at one time or another.  Stitch fix is amazing of course, I just recently tried Le Tote and Honest Beauty.  I wanted to find a subscription box that has meaning behind it or something that would send a lasting impression on me.

A few months back I won a giveaway with Chamel and fell in love with her products.  I immediately wanted to go to her store and buy everything she had to offer, I still use all the items I received from that giveaway.  When I saw that she had started a faith fuel box, I knew right away I was going to purchase one to see the amazing products she had lined up.

IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4643

I just love the box in general, you can tell that each piece has a unique quality to it and it is all so uplifting.  I have pieces from this box all over my house so I can find daily reminders that I am ENOUGH, that I am perfect in his eyes.  Each piece is hand-picked and has a purpose driven message behind it.

*** If you want to place an order use code: MELISSA and you will get an extra little happy in your box!!  WOOHOO!!!

I would highly recommend the Faith Fuel Box.  If you are looking for a new subscription box or even if you just want to try one month go check it out! If you are a business owner and want to get involved, reach out to Chamel via Twitter or Instagram.




Covenant Gear – Giveaway

I am so excited to be sharing this company with you.  I am part of a group of bloggers where we share exciting and up and coming things.  One of the bloggers mentioned Covenant Gear – for a giveaway.  She wants to help her friend spread the word and share her amazing new clothing company and what they are doing.

Covenant Gear™ has one single mission: to inspire the world to remember and reclaim the many promises of God through beautifully designed, hand-lettered, high quality clothing. What is a covenant? Simply put it’s a promise, a commitment to fulfill from one being to another. In the Bible, the Lord established numerous promises or covenants between He and His people – promises for protection, healing, unconditional love, forgiveness and eternal security.

When Jesus came to earth, his life, death and resurrection fulfilled the greatest covenant of all: a promise to restore; to give mankind new life – both now and forever. A life surrendered to Jesus would mean not only a permanent home in heaven for all eternity, but a triumphant life here and now.

We believe the world is ready for Covenant Gear for many reasons but for one in particular: it’s time to get back to the basics – the Bible. God cannot lie, and His promises are guaranteed. If we follow Him and daily walk in the countless promises found in His Word, we cannot fail.

We want you to Wear the Promise.

CGPS-136 CGPS-150 GDS_3461

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Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk a little bit about baptism.  I shared on Instagram Tuesday night that I was baptized.  I was ready to take this big leap into my faith and am so glad that I did.  Growing up, I have always believed in God and we went to church here and there but it never really “stuck.”  After the things we went through with the girls, I saw God work and my miracles are still with us today :).  Since then I have really started to grow and start my walk with God.  I realized that it was time and I wanted to take the next big step by being baptized.

Being baptized to me means giving your life to God, working for him.  I am giving all my worries, fears, goals, dreams, etc. to God.  I am letting him do the work while I put all my faith in him.  Putting God first is a huge step for anyone taking the religious walk and I was ready for that step and can’t wait to see where this journey brings me. I am ready to see God do more incredible work in my life.

I knew when I was going to write this post I wanted to have some guest posters.  I asked 5 other bloggers who have had an impact on faith to write a little blurb here:

Amber writes a blog over at Mr. Thomas and Me.  She is incredible and not afraid to tell you when she fails and succeeds.  Her journey is incredible to me and she is such an inspiration to my growing faith.


Name: Amber

Age you were baptized: 22

Church denomination: Non-denominational – Christian

What being baptized means to you:

I’m not one for the fuss and fanfare of most celebrations and for years that was what baptism felt like to me -another awkward sort of ritual that I made me uncomfortable. Then when I was in high school my parents were baptized together and watching them was adorable and magical. It made me think about the symbolism of baptism and how that might be applicable to my life, but I never made a commitment to be baptized. 

When Jason and I got engaged baptism came up again. This time I felt the nudge in my heart to pursue it with Jason just as my parents had. There are no words to describe the  beauty of those moments we shared together and knowing our commitment to one another was preceded by a larger commitment to Him. 


Marquis blogs over at Simple Clarke.  I found her blog through a Wife After God review and knew she was put in my life for a reason.  Marquis has helped me a lot when it comes to praying and specifically in ways to pray for Matt.


Name: Marquis Clarke

Age you were baptized: Infant and 23

Church denomination: I love Jesus (aka non-denominational)

What being baptized means to you: I was baptized as an infant and am very grateful that my parents cared enough to set me apart for God. Because of their devotion, I had an opportunity to complete their prayer by willingly submitting to adult baptism. However, this was a hard decision for me, because I did not want it to seem like a sign of disrespect to my parents for choosing to be baptized as an Adult, but rather an affirmation that I believed what they wanted for my life when they choose to have me baptized all those years ago. To me, baptism was an outward display of obedience to Christ after I confessed that Jesus was Lord and claimed Him as my Savior.


Kaitlyn tells her story at Wifessionals.  She has been a warrior and her journey really inspires me.  I have seen her ups and downs and she has shared some highs and lows on her blog and it shows me that everyone is human and that we all have those highs and lows and that the one thing that is constant is our faith and to know that He will see us through it.



Name: Kaitlyn 

Age you were baptized: 9 years old 

Church denomination: Non-denominational

What being baptized means to you: Being baptized was my open expression of my faith and the fact that I had accepted Jesus into my heart!


Mandy shares her world at House of Rose.  This momma is truly an inspiration to me. She shows me how to juggle everyday life with having a strong faith as well as keeping 3 little boys from getting hurt all day :).  She has three incredible, beautiful little boys and her world shows me chaos … in a good way.  Some days I struggle with the girls and with her blog, I can see how sometimes I need to just take a breather and enjoy them each day no matter how crazy they drive me :).


Name: Mandy

Age you were baptized: 30

Denomination: Non denominational

What is means to you to be baptized: Getting baptized to me meant making a commitment in front of my friends and family to promise to strive to be like Jesus. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be perfect, but that I want to live my life to glorify God in every way possible.


Katelyn blogs at Daily Renewed.  She has such a strong stance in her faith and works by it each day.  She teaches me so many lessons and how to never give up on my faith.  She shares how she has days where she struggles but she always manages to find a way to get back to God and keep asking him to do work in her life.



Name: Katelyn

Age when baptized: 8

Church denomination: I was raised in a Baptist church but have attended a non-denominational church for the past 4 years.

What it means to me: I was saved at such a young age that I think what it meant to me then and now has changed a little. As a child it was an act of obedience. Jesus was baptized so I should be too. Now I see it as such a beautiful physical representation of the cleansing power that comes from salvation. It is an act of obedience but it’s also a way to show the world that you are His. You are clean and made new. You don’t want to hide it and keep it a secret between you and Him. You want to share it with as many people as possible. It’s a way to physically show what He has done to you on the inside. It’s not a requirement of salvation but a picture of it.


All these ladies have had such a huge impact on my journey to celebrate my faith and I am so excited to they allowed me to share their worlds with my readers.  They have shown me the way and now it is up to me to continue on my journey and put all my being with Him.

bap2 bap3 bap4 bap5 bap6 bap7

and of course I had my favorite audience there to support me 🙂


What does it mean to be baptized to you? Are you religious?