Inside Out Review

Hello lovely readers.  I have been a little MIA lately and I apologize for that, so today I am bringing you the Inside Out review.

I saw a post about reviewing a new book and reviewing books is one of my favorite things to do. I of course agreed and started reading the book as soon as I received it.

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All of us have been through horrible situations. Those situations in which we start to doubt ourselves and we start to put ourselves down no matter what.  We never feel like we are good enough.  Whether that really is the case or it is all in our head it is there.  It will always be there and for women it’s something that we all struggle with and we all have to overcome in our own time.

Inside Out by Anastasia Amour is an amazing book.  It is a 14 day “journey.”  Each day there is an excerpt, followed by a positive uplifting quote, and then an activity to do to better make you feel like you are enough.  That you are that one of a kind girl.

For me, I have always been that type of girl that doesn’t care what others think and I never really even noticed to be honest until I was much older.  I was definitely affected more than I would have ever thought but now looking back, I realize that I was one of those girls that shamed myself and still somewhat do even today.

Reading this book gave me a good grasp on where I am in my life and how I really wanted to put 100% into this book.  Each activity really pulled on my heart-strings and it made me want to make sure that my girls never feel that way EVER!  I want them to love themselves for who they are and let them know that there are always going to be negative people out there but they just need to stand strong and they will eventually find that one person that loves them for who they are.

Recommendations to improve the book or things I would change:

  • Kilos/Pounds/Mass/Weight – A lot of this book uses measurements like Kilos and Mass and I wish that it related a little more to Pounds and Weight.  Although, I know what they convert to I wish the book would have had corresponding measurements to make it relate-able to anyone in the world.
  • The only other thing I would change is the way the activities are set up. I like that they are at the end of each chapter or day, however, I wish there was writing space at the end of each day as well.  You pretty much have to do the activities on a separate piece of paper or notebook and I think I would have liked it a little more if there was space right at the end of each day so I could be in the moment and have it all right there.

I would recommend this to anyone who has ever had doubt about themselves or hated the way they looked, etc.  It is a really good book.  It is also a good read for kids, especially teenagers who are going through all their rough  stages in life.

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Please check it out … pick up a copy … I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will get a huge reward out of reading this book!