Tree Sign

Today I am bringing you a fun new DIY Tree Sign.  My baby shower was done in a camping theme and I knew right away I wanted to make a sign for Trevor that was made out of a tree and branch.


  • part of a tree
  • saw to cut the pieces into circles or whatever shape you decide
  • wood burning tool or sharpie
  • twine
  • branch
  • drill
  • stencil
  • hot glue


  1.  The first step is to find a tree that will work for the size you are wanting.
  2. Next you will use a saw to cut the tree into the shape, we chose circles and made them similar in size but not exact.
  3. Next you want to decide on a font and either print out a stencil or you can free hand it using a wood burning tool or a sharpie whichever works for you. (make sure you leave enough room at the top to drill the holes so you can hang the pieces)
  4.  Next you will want to drill a hole in the top of each of your shapes with the letters on them.
  5. After you have found a branch you will then want to space out your letters and make sure they are placed where you would like them.  We simply laid it out on a table and made sure the spacing was as we wanted it to be.
  6. Next you will want to put the twine through your holes and then hot glue them to your branch at the top.
  7. Once this is all done then you will want to hot glue some extra twine on the ends to hang the sign.

This was the sign at the baby shower, we later added the twine to hang on the wall above his bed

Have you ever made a sign like this?  What do you think?

PS. Props to my hubby because he did the whole sign … I just found the inspiration 🙂


DIY – August

So I have decided to start a new link up.  I used to do DIY once a week and it got to be too much and too time consuming.  I have recently been starting to do DIY projects again so I started thinking and decided I would now start hosting a monthly link up.  SO every 3rd Friday of the month I am going to be hosting a link up where you can share your fun DIY projects you have been working on for the month.

This month I chose to do DIY Glitter mugs.  (for the record it didn’t turn out great!


white mug
paint brush
modge podge
blue painters tape
paper plates


  1. The first thing you need to do is decide on a patter or where you want the glitter to fall and then tape off any part of the mug you wish to leave white.
  2. Once it is taped up good get a paper plate out and place the mug over top of it.  Start putting on the modge podge and then pouring the glitter on it. (The paper plate is there to catch the access glitter that falls off)
    IMG_0610 IMG_0613
  3. Let the glitter dry for 4-6 hours
  4. Once the glitter has dried then you can place another layer of modge podge on the glitter area.  Then let it dry for a full 24 hours before using or washing.