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Day 31 of Blog Every Day in July – share your social media

Today is the last day of Blog Every Day in July and I am proud to say that I have completed every day.  I am proud of myself for putting this all together.  although I didn’t get the participation I was hoping for I am glad that I still put it all together and finished it myself.  I thought it would be appropriate for the last day to share your social media.  Most of us have found each other through some form of social media, so I figured why not share our social media and that way we can all find each other and like pages or follow.

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Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks for sharing your social media.


Something Amazing

Day 30 of Blog Every day in July – Capture something amazing

As I started to think about all the things I could capture that were amazing, I thought of all kinds of things; sunsets, sunrise, my kids, something we have achieved, etc., however, I went a completely different way.

On Sunday I played in a softball tournament and unfortunately my playing time was cut short.  I went to catch a fly ball and after I caught it my back felt a little funny.  I decided to stay in the game and when I went to hit I swung the bat and just had immediate shooting pain all throughout my lower back.  I couldn’t sit and I could barely stand the pain was so bad.

I got home and Matt let me nap and then I took a hot bath hoping to ease the pain a little bit.  The pain did dull a tiny bit but it was temporary.  I decided I needed to go to the doctor because something had to be seriously wrong.  After going to the doctor and getting an x-ray I was diagnosed with 2 buldged disc and they were pinching my nerve.  If you have ever had a pinched nerve you know how bad it hurts.  It’s truly horrible and I don’t wish it on anyone.

After I got home from the doctor I took my pain meds and it of course knocked me out, Kendall took a nap and Matt was up watching Brooke.  When I woke up, Brooke told me I had to get up and go look outside.  Of course not really wanting to get up I waited a few minutes and took my time getting up and when I finally got to see what was outside, I was crying.

Matt and Brooke created this while playing with sidewalk chalk and I just thank God that I have such a great little family and I know they are here to take care of me.  Matt has been super great throughout this whole thing and doing whatever needs to be done.


Best Moment of your live

Day 29 of Blog Every Day in July – What was or is the best moment of your life?

I have a lot of great moments in my life but this one takes the cake.  I will never forget the day we got to bring Kendall home and we finally had both of our baby girls home.  I remember feeling all kinds of mixed emotions. 

Happy of course because I was finally getting to bring my baby home
Nervous because I wanted to make sure we did everything right and that nothing was going to go wrong.
Scared because they had tubes all over the place and we had to make sure everything ran smoothly
Unorganized because there were so many things to be done and I felt like everything else was a complete disaster
Proud that we were able to get both girls home and how well they did was going to be on us
Excited to see the girls interact with each other
Tired of course because now I had 2 babies that were pretty much like newborns that I had to adjust to their schedules

** you can get an idea now of how big Brooke was after being home for so long and how tiny Kendall still was close to a year.  The first picture was as soon as we got home.  We laid them next to each other and the second was their reaction to first seeing each other :).

Regardless of all these feelings I had, being able to bring my baby girls home was the best feeling in the world.  It made everything so real.  The hardest part about having preemies in my opinion is that you can tell everyone you have kids, however, they aren’t with you so people are kind of giving you those funny looks like ummm well where are they.  Trying to explain a preemie situation isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do and then of course you have to go into pretty much their life story for anyone to really understand the situation and what is going on.  I am happy that we were able to bring both of our baby girls home and they got to grow up finally knowing each other.



Top 5 favorite movies

Day 28 of Blog Every Day in July – what are your top 5 favorite movies

My favorite movies …. Hmmmm there are a ton. I had a hard time narrowing it down but did my best and put a few together.

1. A League of Their Own – I have been playing softball since I was 3 and this movie is perfect for anyone who loves softball. You get to see how things were and the movie is great.

2. Boondock saints 1 & 2 – these are two off my all time favorite movies. The actors and story lines are plotted and played out perfectly. Matt and I could watch these movies over and over.

3. Sweet Home Alabama – this is one of my go to movies when it comes to a love story. The movie is not over the top cheesy but still has a sweet, romantic, crazy love story.

4. 27 dresses &Bride Wars – I grouped these together because they are those cheesy love story chick flicks that all girls love and all boys hate. These are my favorite 2 and I always pick one when I want to watch a movie.

5. Rio – Rio is a children’s movie but perfect for adults. The girls love all Disney/Pixar movies and they have seen a ton but this one takes the cake and is probably the most watched, this or Tangled, which is a good one too.

What are your top 5 favorite movies?


People, let me tell you about my best friend ……

Day 27 of Blog Every Day in July – Tell me about your best friend

Let me see what I can tell you about my best friend.  We have been together for 9 years (2004) and we have been married for 5 (2008).  I know this is totally cliché and everyone always says they marry their best friend but that happens to be the truth in this situation.  Since Matt and I have been together we have definitely been through our ups and downs, however, I think it has made us grow not only as a couple but as friends.  We know how to push each others buttons but we know when we are going too far as well.

I can tell you bad habits he has and traits that make him the person I love.  I can’t imagine going through my life without him by my side.

Here are some things about Matt:

– favorite band – Blink 182
– favorite drink – Mt. Dew
– favorite sport  – baseball
– favorite baseball player – Barry Larkin
– favorite food – ribs
– favorite candy – kitkat
– he has fallen off a roof
– he has 3 scars
– he has a brother
– he is a monkey and can climb anything
– he has chicken legs
-he can bend his toes in crazy, weird ways

One thing that keeps us sane I think is how are rivals in a lot of things.  Of course the worst being I am a Michigan fan and he is an Ohio State fan so football time is very interesting.  In baseball we are both Reds fans but then our next favorite teams are the Yankees (me) and the Redsox (Matt).  The only sport we have ever seemed to agree on is that we both have always liked the Dallas Cowboys.  I love that I can call my best friend my husband.

Who is your best friend?



Day 26 of Blog Every Day in July – What is your favorite holiday or time of the year?

When I started thinking about my favorite holiday I decided it wasn’t so easy to pick.  I love them all for different reasons.  I decided to blog about my favorite time of the year.

My absolute favorite time of the year is the fall.  I am a sporty girl so my favorite thing ever to wear is a hoodie and jeans with my tennis shoes.  I love being able to go outside and it be just cold enough to need a hoodie but not below zero to where I need a winter jacket and snow boots.  The weather is one thing, then if you look outside you see some of the most beautiful things you will ever see.  When the trees start to change colors it is gorgeous.  I love looking outside and seeing the leaves turn from green to yellow to orange.  It is amazing to see such beautiful things in nature.

What is not to love about the trees when they are this color.  I LOVE it!!
**images taken from google**


Bucket List

Day 25 of Blog Every Day in July – what are 3 things on your bucket list?

A few years ago I started thinking about things I wanted to do before I died.  I started my own bucket list.  Some of the things on my list are so small and are things most people wouldn’t even think to put on their list and then other things are things that I have always wanted to do.  Here are 3 things that are on my bucket list:

1. I want to go to every Major League Baseball field there is.  Matt and I made a map of the US and are putting push pins in the stadiums that we have been in.  We have been to 2 so far, Kansas City and Cincinnati.

2. I want to visit the Lock Bridge in Paris.  Ever since seeing this bridge it is something that I have wanted to do.  It is truly amazing to see how many people go there to add their locks to the bridge.  Love the idea and can’t wait till I can say that we were there and put our lock on the bridge.

3. Publish my book.  I have been working on my book about the journey we have been on with the girls.  I feel that the story we have is truly amazing and inspiring and would love to get the book published so that other parents out there going through what we went through can read our journey and hopefully be inspired to keep hope and stay positive.

** all images were taken from google.

What’s on your bucket list?


My Job List

Day 24 of Blog Every Day in July – what are all the jobs you have ever worked?

Now, when I say jobs I am going to tell you the main ones.  I have done a lot of the host a party and get commission jobs and a lot have not worked out so I am just going to tell you the main jobs I have ever held.

My very first job came when I was 16.  I was in high school and wanted to start making my own money so I could buy myself new shoes or a cell phone, etc.  I went to work at Taco Bell.  It was a job that was fun, the crew was fun and you can bet we were always laughing and having a good time, yet working at the same time.  I worked at Taco Bell all throughout high school and then for a little bit when I came back from my first year of college.

After Taco Bell I then went to work at Pioneer Automotive Technologies.  Here was an early start but an early finish to a work day.  We went in at 630 and got off at 3 so we pretty much had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted.   When I held this job I moved around a lot.  By the time we left Pioneer I was able to do just about any and every job that Pioneer had to offer.  I met a lot of good friends before the mass layoff that affected both Matt and myself in 2009.

Since then I haven’t technically worked a full-time job.  After being laid off I started my own photography business, Photography By MM.  Photography is something I love to do, I know I am not the best out there but I am learning new things each and every day and love what I do.  I still have my photography business and plan to keep growing with it throughout my life.

I have also worked for Thirty-One.  If you don’t know what Thirty-One is they are a company that believes in rewarding and encouraging women based on Proverbs 31.  It is a catalog show, book a party type job and they sell purses and accessories for purses.  I loved this job, however, if you don’t have parties then you can’t make any money and I eventually just ran out of lines of communication so gave it up.

Today my full-time job is being a stay at home mom to my girls.  Once they start school full-time I will more than likely go back to work but for now my full-time job is taking care of them and making sure that they get what they need.


Here is my why

Day 23 of Blog Every Day in July – why do you blog?

In 2009, I was laid off from my full time job and had just delivered the girls.  I had decided to start my own photography business and with that came blogging my sessions for my website.  After a few months I started thinking about how I really liked to blog but I wanted a way to blog that wasn’t realated to my photography business.

When I first started blogging I had every intention of keeping it going but with 2 newborns fresh out of the hospital we were a little preoccupied and Matt was back to working so I didn’t have much time to myself besides when they were sleeping, and if you have ever been a new parent you know that when they sleep you sleep.  I am not sure that I got any sleep during their first couple of years.  With all the cords and things they had to sleep with it was a little unsettling to sleep and then have buzzers going off pretty much every 5 minutes.

I decided to start blogging and the reason I chose to start blogging was because I wanted to share our story.  I wanted people to know that there is always someone out there who has been through what you are going through or who is about to.  With have twins 3 months early I realized that I could have really used some positive support from parents who had already been through this situation.  I decided right then and there that I wanted an outlet to where I could share the things I went through while my daughters were in the NICU.  I started thinking about things that I did while in the hospital and then stories from coming home.  I also started doing projects as the girls got older and wanted to share those with people.

I don’t think a lot of people really understand what a preemie goes through.  It is so much work and you have no idea.  When you are a parent you a parent to a full term or near full term baby you don’t have many complications if any.  Doctors appointments are pretty routine and as they get older things fizzle out and you are left with a happy healthy child.  When you have a preemie things aren’t so certain, now I am not saying that every full term child has no complications or struggles, however, the struggles of a preemie are intense.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I found out I would be delivering extrememly early.  I am thankful that I delivered early though because now this is my chance to share stories and situations that we went through that some parents could never imagine. 

For example, think about your 1-2 week old 1 pound 4 ounce baby having heart surgery.  HEART SURGERY, it is something you never wish on anyone especially a newborn baby that came into this world way to early. 

I am super lucky that my girls both made it out of the NICU and home to us and I can now say with a few delays they are happy, healthy 4 year olds.  Some parents never get that chance to bring their preemie babies home and those are the strongest mommies in the world.  I give them all so much credit and it takes a lot out of someone. 

I hope that by doing my blog I can help some people out in ways that no one else in their family can.  Sure I always had my family for support and positive interactions, however, none of them had delivered preemie micropreemie babies.  I loved having them there but whwen they say things it didn’t always stick in my head.  It’s like telling someone riding a bike is easy when you, yourself has never rode a bike.

I thank each and every person that stood by our side during this time and I hope that I can help someone out by sharing our story.  I never would want any preemie parent to go through this alone and there are definitely more ways out there then you can ever think of to help.

To see the girls full story you can click here

I also am part of a preemie blogging group.  There are a group of mommies/daddies who share there stories together for one blog.  We have expert advice from others who have been down this road as well as nurses with a little more insight.  You can check out Hand to Hold to see more of our stories.


What’s In your bag?

Day 22 of Blog Every Day in July – what’s in your bag.

I remember doing this for a photo of the day I participated in and thought it would be a neat blog topic.  Everyone carries so many different things in their bags or they have several bags; school bag, purse, camera bag, etc. so I thought it would be a fun way to share.  As I get older I think I carry more and more in my purse, especially since I have become a mom.  I feel like I need everything in the world in there because the minute I don’t have a band-aid my kids will need one.

My purse contents are pretty basic:

coupon book
check book
picture album
card wallet
first aid kit
deposit slips
feminine products (sorry but every girl carries them)
hand sanitizer
business cards

I think that is the majority of things.  I don’t really have anything special or out of the ordinary in there but I always carry most of those things with me no matter what.  If I don’t have something or just take my wallet out to go somewhere I feel completely lost because I feel like I am forgetting something that I will need.

What do you keep in your bag?